Impeccable Youth Events

Youth Blitz has collaborated with Impeccable Minds to deliver programs for teen girls to unlock their potential and be their best selves.

Impeccable Youth Events presents ‘Gorgeous, from the inside and out” and ‘Impeccable Girls’
wellbeing programs with a focus on young women giving them the tools to love the skin they’re in.
Confidence, self worth and building positive relationships are the core values behind Impeccable Youth
Events, a Gold Coast based initiative dedicated to providing fun and valuable learning for young

Impeccable Youth Events presents 2 programs, each specifically addressing the needs of their age

“Our mission is to provide our students with the tools to achieve their highest standard and be the best
version of themselves.

Our programs deliver education and exposure to real life experience to maximise their confidence.
We believe in giving every student access to real life tips and strategies that will intrinsically motivate
and unlock self discovery in order for them to hit the ground running toward their future. We aim to
impact and improve their mindset to encourage them to reach their highest potential.” Impeccable
Youth Events
We want to see all young people shine and we are dedicated to providing them with the tools and self
belief to be their best.

Current research shows that youth disengagement has a significant impact on young people’s mental
health and their stress levels during high school and their transition from high school; we aim to
support these issues and guide young teens through the process in order for girls to succeed with

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